Friday November 11th is SINGLES DAY! Who needs a partner when you can take Lizzo on a date? Or Chris Hemsworth to the movies? Or Karl Stefanovic to your best friends house? Dr. Dough has The Hotties Box! Choose your celebrity and get your mouth around them for the best way to celebrate being single! Singles rock!

This image feature 9 individual vanilla glaze donuts with celebrities faces on the donuts. The celebrities include Zac Effron, Rebel Wilson, Karl Steffanovic, Lizzo and Christ Hemsworth. The donuts are on a pink background. These donuts are available for delivery across Sydney and Melbourne for Singles Day.

Our Hotties Box is just that... HOT! And we have selected the HOTTEST celebrities to get your mouth around.

Who Are The Hotties?

I'm glad you asked. For our Hotties Box for Single Day 2022 we're delivering your choice of the following celebrities:

  • Zac Effron
  • Beyonce
  • Lizzo
  • Karl Stefanovic
  • Chris Hemsworth
  • Rebel Wilson

These hotties come on 10 delicious vanilla glazed donuts that are so mouth watering and sizzling hot decorated in these celebrities!

How Do I Order?

Well that's the easy part. Head on over to this link here and you can choose your celebrity and the box will be on it's way when you choose!

We delivery up to 60km's from the Sydney and Melbourne CBD's and we deliver seven days a week. 


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