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Our Classic Dr. Dough Donut Range flavour line up:

  • BIRTHDAY SUIT - Vanilla Glazed
  • GOLDEN OLDIE - Salted Caramel topping, covered with cookie crumble and milk chocolate ganache
  • FAIRY BREAD - Buttercream Glaze covered with rainbow 100's & 1000's
  • 90'S KID - Rainbow Nerds over pink glaze
  • CINNAMON - Old school donut rolled in cinnamon sugar
  • A MARS A DAY - Salted Caramel topping, covered with white chocolate pieces and milk chocolate ganache drizzle
  • SMOOTH CRIMINAL - Smothered in Nutella and topped with crispy chocolate balls
  • THE HOMER  - Strawberry glaze, topped with rainbow jimmies. The next best thing to Lardo Lad Donuts!!
  • LAMINGTON - Classic strawberry jam filled, topped with rich chocolate icing and shredded coconut
  • THE JAM BOMB DOT COM - Classic strawberry jam filled

For more information including Allergen & Dietary information visit our FAQ's

The Dr. Dough vegan flavour line up:

  • BISCOFF GLAZE - Biscoff melted into a creamy glaze topped with a biscoff cookie
  • CHOCOA MOCHA - Rich dark chocolate glaze with mocha cream swirl and velvety chocolate powder dusting
  • ICED DO-DO - Our version of the classic raspberry Iced Vo-Vo biscuit
  • LEMON CURD CAKE - Tangy lemon curd on simple icing 
  • CINNAMON - Dusted in cinnamon and sugar
  • BLUEBERRY CRUNCH - Blueberry flavoured glaze topped with cinnamon toast crunch cereal
  • OREO COOKIES AND CREAM - Oreo cream spread topped with an Oreo cookie
  • THE HOMER - Strawberry glaze with hot pink sprinkles 
  • BIRTHDAY SUIT - Original Vanilla Glaze
  • CUSTARD BOMB - Creamy vanilla vegan custard filled donut 

Vegan donuts do not contain dairy, egg, gelatine or alcohol. For more information including Allergen & Dietary information visit our FAQ's