Our Story

A lot of people ask how Dr. Dough Donuts started and the answer is simple: an Instagram page featuring photos of delicious donuts that turned into a donut delivery business. 

Through our Instagram page we were able to connect with our audience and discover what they thought the best donut looked and tasted like. We slapped on our aprons and started designing and Dr. Dough Donuts was born creating delicious, kick ass donuts! And we’ve been doing that every single day for the last 6 years!!

The first donut we created was the 90’s Kid, bright pink and covered in Nerds! The 90’s Kid was our springboard into our creations and took off from there with a range inspired by growing up in the 90’s. Back then all prepared and dispatched from our ghost kitchen in Potts Point. 

Since then, Dr Dough Donuts has grown to be a gifting business with a special purpose:

To share happiness by enabling easy and meaningful connections between senders and recipients. 

Dr. Dough specialises in donuts but also delivering balloons, bears, booze, DIY Packs and more, delivering across Sydney 7 days a week. We have customisation with chosen lettering or a donut design to suit any occasion plus we're trusted with corporate orders, product launches and PR campaigns working with everyone imaginable. 

Who Are We?

We are Kristy, Geoff and a whole team of crew, suppliers and drivers behind us. We are a bunch of people who just love donuts, love being creative and innovative whilst always striving to provide the hands down best user experience, customer service and of course product! We are a Customer Experience, Logistics Company and Gift Supplier masquerading as a Donut Brand!

We are so proud of the Dr. Dough Donuts journey so far and of our team that delivers over 500 boxes of delicious donuts across Australia's two major cities to you every single day!