Take your event, corporate gift or office celebration to the next level with Dr. Dough's custom donuts! Whether it's for a brand launch, end of year gifts or the annual corporate event Dr. Dough in Sydney and Melbourne can create custom and bespoke donuts for you in your company colours and logos, and deliver on time!

Dr. Dough has become the trusted provider of custom and bespoke donuts for corporate events, brand launches and company gifts. Our corporate order team are on hand seven days a week to help you plan and achieve the best and most delicious donuts for your event, customised how you want. Take a look at our examples below of how we can help you achieve the ultimate donut!

This image has an orange background. There is a quote that says: "YOU DREAM IT. WE CREATE IT. OR LEAVE THE DREAMING AND CREATING TO US. It's What we do!" The image also features a box our colour mini donuts with sprinkles. There are 24 donuts in the box.

You dream it, we create it!

Whatever your ideas, whatever your vision. We will be able to create donuts that match your needs. From a simple box of donuts with one glaze colour to a full customised box with multiple glaze colours, sprinkles and toppings galore, edible images and logo stickers on the box. Dr. Dough has the solutions to bring your donut ideas to life.

This image features our 9 of our mini donuts decorated in different glazes and toppings to match the company logos also featured on the donuts with edible logo images. Some of the companies we have worked with are Tommy Hilfiger, eBay, McDonalds, MG, Uniqlo and Parramatta Eels

We work with companies big and small!

We have worked with local councils and themed birthday parties to Amazon Prime and McDonalds! We can customise your donut to your company colours to match the edible image you wish to print and place on your donuts. We can match sporting house colours for schools, event themes for corporate functions or simply send us an image of the colours you want the glaze and sprinkles to be and we will match it.

This image features a box of mini donuts with Whittakers Chocolate, a partnership between Dr. Dough and Whittakers for their launch of their Oat Milk Chocolate. Dr. Dough specialise in PR and Brand Launches, Corporate Events and Media Events in Sydney and Melbourne.

The perfect pairing for your product launch!

You have a vision you want to bring to life for your brand launch and want to include something memorable and delicious to push that brand awareness with punch? Look no further than our integrated product launches with custom donuts. We will handle everything from design of your donuts to your specifications right through to production and delivery on the day you require. We can even synchronise a large scale send out across Sydney and Melbourne on the exact same day!

This image has a pink background and features one of our mini donuts with edible logo designed in McDonalds colours and logo with red glaze and yellow sprinkles that look like fries. There is a quote on the image that says ""ORDERING DONUTS WILL BE THE EASIEST AND MOST MEMORABLE PART OF YOUR EVENT"

Ordering is easy, fast, efficient and worry free!

We know how stressful it can be to organise events, corporate send outs or product launches so let us make this part of the process easy for you. Our corporate team are on hand to answer any questions, provide quotes and information and confirm orders quickly and efficiently. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with a seamless and efficient service that is worry free for you so you can get onto organising the rest of your event or corporate occasion.

Let's get the donut rolling!

If you want more information on how we can help you with your donut inquiries you can head to our Corporate Specialists page on our website and check out our look book or get in touch with us there, or send us an email corporate@drdoughdonuts.com.


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