Celebrating Mother's Day At Dr. Dough

Happy Mother's Day!
Celebrating Mother's Day at Dr. Dough!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mum's and mother figures out there in the world and let there be celebrations of love, fun and of course food (preferably donuts from us!) for you and your families! We shouldn't just be showing love to our Mum's on Mother's Day, but it's a good excuse to do that something extra to show appreciation and love for them.

What motherhood means to me on Mother's Day

To me, motherhood obviously means the care, love and guidance my Mum gave me and continues to give me but it is also a chance for me to celebrate the mother like figures in my life who also provided me with meaningful memories and moments that have guided and shaped me to the person that I am today. 

Share with us below what motherhood means to you, and even give your Mum or mother figure a shout out!

Mother's near and far deserve to be celebrated!

At Dr. Dough Donuts, many of our employees (even the bosses!) won't be able to celebrate with their mother's. Most live far away from their Mum's and so we are sending out a special thought to them and we hope that their Mum's have a lovely day and know that they are missed and loved dearly.

Thank you for choosing Dr. Dough as your gift & donut delivery service!

We are very grateful for those of you choosing to share happiness with your Mum's by sending them gifts and donuts from us here at Dr. Dough and we hope that you love them! We work hard to create products that are of high quality, and provide a service that you can rely on time and time again to send out gifts and create meaningful connections. 

I hope that everyone who is lucky enough to be able to celebrate with their Mum's that you cherish them and spoil them however you want.

I hope that everyone who is away from their Mum's that they can call, or FaceTime, or Skype, or communicate with their Mum from a distance and show them how much you mean to them.

I hope that everyone who no longer has their Mum's with them that you take this day to remember, reminisce, and celebrate your Mum and all of the things that made her the most perfect person to you.

Dr. Dough Mother's Day Gifts & Donuts


Written by Tom Ragen.


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