Happy International Woman's Day

A message from our founder

Today I’m so grateful that we could be part of so many International Women’s Day celebrations.

We’ve sent donuts out to many work places and to individuals to celebrate woman’s achievements and to be a part of strong conversations to break the bias and push for equality. We aren’t there yet, but we get closer with each conversation. 

I’m most proud of my team and want to acknowledge the strong women that I am so privileged to be around every single day. 

Over the last 6 years we’ve built a team of women in leadership positions around us, in marketing, menu, production, finance, logistics and customer experience. 
It is these talented and empowered women who work to bring these ideas to life and the finished product to your door. 

I am forever grateful for their presence and contribution to making this brand great but your experience even better.

💜 Kristy


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