10 Flavours... 1 Box!

Our Dr. Dough Classic Donut Box is the biggest and best way to experience our delicious donuts. We've included 10 different flavours for you to try, so there's something for everyone! If you order same day delivery it will arrive right to your door that day if you order before 1pm!

Want to make people happy? Share Happiness with them but sending them a box of donuts, and they'll be very happy indeed! How do we know? Because our doughnuts are so delicious, their only reaction is to smile wildly and then tell all their friends about how good the donuts are. 10 flavours in one box is a delicious experience of amazing donut flavours that will delight your tastebuds!

Our Classic Dr. Dough Donut Range box of 10 donuts. The photo also has a birthday balloon and games and activities for kids if you are looking to send something extra for delivery in Sydney or Melbourne.

Taste Your Way through 10 Delicious Flavours, Same Day Delivery.

The 10 delicious flavours in this box are not to be missed, so make sure you order today!

Flavours included are:

A Mars A Day
Salted Caramel topping, covered with white chocolate pieces and milk chocolate ganache drizzle

Smooth Criminal
Nutella covered donut, topped with chocolate chunks and milk chocolate ganache drizzled on top

90's Kid
Rainbow Nerds over pink glaze

And many, many more!

Our Vegan Box even has 10 delicious flavours that anyone can enjoy!

If you're vegan and looking for a new snack to enjoy, our Vegan Box is perfect for you! It comes with 10 of the most delicious flavours that anyone can enjoy!

If you're not vegan but are still looking for a deliciously satisfying alternative to our Classic donuts, we've got your covered there as well. Our Vegan Box is made without animal products but full of flavour—and honestly, who doesn't want to try every flavour of donut in one box?!

Our vegan box features 10 delicious flavours including caramel apple, iced do-do and lemon curd pie.

Donuts? Yes! Donuts! Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too?

What's a better way to celebrate than with donuts? What's a better way to reward yourself for your hard work than with donuts? What's a better way to give back to the people you care about than with donuts?

You get the idea. Donuts are great, and this is your chance to try them all out!

Share the Love! Spoil yourself or surprise a friend with the ultimate gift, delivered to their doorstep... today!

This is a perfect way to treat yourself or share the love. Each box contains 10 different flavours of donuts from our Sydney and Melbourne locations, so you can enjoy all our delicious creations in one go. Order now to get your box delivered straight to your doorstop today!

Better than any other donuts in Sydney or Melbourne, and we'll even delivery them to your door! Order now!

The best donuts in Sydney and Melbourne are now available for delivery right to your door. We’ve been serving the best donut flavours you can imagine. If you have a craving for cookies or want to add some additional gifts like tea, candles or games, we can help with that too! 

Order your next box today by clicking here!

Order Dr. Dough donuts and see for yourself why we're better than all the rest.

Order your box of Dr. Dough Donuts now and taste the difference for yourself!

Don’t just take our word for it, though—our customers love us!


Written by Tom Ragen.


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