Donuts & Gifts for the Little Kids AND the Big Kids!

Donuts and gifts for the little kids AND the big kids!

Donuts are a fun way to bring everyone together. If you need donuts for your kids, we've got you covered. We also have donuts for the big kids, so if you're looking for something different than just another boring gift card this season, try something sweet instead!

Check out our collection of gourmet donuts here!

Choose your donuts and gifts to be delivered, and personalise them with a choice of box sleeve and a greeting card!

A image split in two halves. The top section has a thank you gift box in it with big kids writing across the image and the bottom is our happy birthday gift box with little kids written across the image.

Once you've chosen your donuts and gifts, it's time to get them delivered to someone special. You can personalise your package with a choice of box sleeve and greeting card and add a gift message too.

  • Select from our selection of delicious mini donuts or regular sized donuts, including a vegan range!

  • Add a special touch by choosing one of our unique box sleeves! We have boxes for every occasion; whether it's for Birthday celebrations or just because you want to make someone smile with some delicious treats, we’re here for all your gifting needs!

  • Choose from our range of messages, including ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘Get Well Soon’ or 'Thank You' among many others – there really is something for everyone!

  • Choose when you would like us to deliver the package using our handy calendar tool which makes selecting delivery date so easy!

We also have same day delivery options! Just choose from our Same Day Delivery menu and order before 1pm.

Same day delivery is available in Sydney and Melbourne, but not all items are eligible. Selecting items from our Same Day Delivery menu will guarantee that it will arrive on the day you order.

We require that all orders placed before 1pm (Monday to Sunday) be delivered on the same day.

Remember to include the recipient's phone number so we can notify them when your gift is on its way!

If you are sending a gift to your little sister's friend, remember that it is always helpful to let them know what's coming. It can be a nice surprise, but it's best if they're prepared for the arrival of the package. Don't forget to include your email number so we can notify you when your gift is on its way!

You won't find a better gift than this one!

A split image. Top half features Dr. Dough vegan donut box with big kids across the image, and the second half is our tiger tribe colouring in activity kits with little kids across the image.

Imagine this: you're at work, and your boss gives you a donut. You ate the donut, and were happy about it. You were so happy that you did something nice for someone else—the kind of thing that makes people feel good about themselves. Then they do something nice for someone else…and on and on it goes! That's how we can create a better world through awesome snacks like donuts!

Written by Tom Ragen.

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