Love chocolate? You're in for a treat. That's because today—World Chocolate Day—is here, and we've got some great chocolate donut dessert boxes! If you want to get your hands on one of these boxes, then don't delay: order today for a delicious delivery of donuts across Sydney and Melbourne from Dr. Dough!

World Chocolate Day is a worldwide celebration of chocolate

World Chocolate Day is a celebration of the history of chocolate. It is celebrated every year on the 7th of July, and some suggest to World Chocolate Day to be the anniversary of the introduction of chocolate to Europe in 1550

Honestly, the origins of World Chocolate Day are somewhat mysterious, but many believe that it was inspired by The Hershey Company, which created an annual calendar to commemorate the day in 2010. The company even used its own special recipe to create a limited edition bar for this occasion—a combination that has since become known as "Hershey's Kisses™ Milk Chocolate with Caramel Centers."

So which of our boxes feature chocolate donuts? Well I'm glad you asked! Our vegan donut box features our Choca Mocha flavour.

You’re right, it is a vegan donutt. It’s a vegan donut that is chocolate and coffee. That's why we call it “Choca Mocha”—because it’s got both of those things in one delicious package.

The Choca Mocha features a decadent dark chocolate glaze, with a chocolate and coffee vegan swirl on top of the donut and I can tell you now, it's absolutely delicious! Our vegan donuts are great for vegans and vegetarians...but anyone can enjoy this donut box!

Our vegan donut box feature our Choca Mocha flavour, perfect for World Chocolate Day celebrations! Our vegan box features 10 delicious flavours that anyone can love, and is available for delivery across Sydney and Melbourne.

Our classic donut box features a Nutella donut.

  • Nutella, the chocolate-hazelnut spread we all know and love, is a delicious treat on its own.

  • It is also one of our most popular donuts at Dr. Dough!

  • Our classic box features 10 of our most popular flavours; this month’s version includes an original glazed donut with Nutella icing inside!

Our classic donut box features a lamington donut that has chocolate and coconut.

The entire flavour range of our classic box features flavours such as smooth criminal which is covered in Nutella or our lamington which is a jam donut topped with chocolate and coconut! These donuts are perfect for world chocolate day and can be delivered now across Sydney and Melbourne.

The lamington is a traditional Australian treat, and this donut box features one that has chocolate icing and coconut filled with jam. If you haven't tried the lamington before, it's a sponge cake covered in chocolate icing and coconut. It's a classic Australian dessert, so we're excited to bring it to you on World Chocolate Day!

Dr. Dough is unique because they make their own donuts from scratch every day, early each morning so they are ready for delivery to you!

We also have a box of all Nutella donuts, called our Nuts About Nutella box.

If you're a Nutella lover, then you'll absolutely love our Nuts About Nutella box. The box contains 10 donuts that are covered with nothing but the best chocolate and hazelnut spread you've ever tasted.

This box is also available for same day delivery if you're in need of a quick Nutella hit for World Chocolate Day.

 Our Nuts About Nutella box is the ultimate in chocolate hazelnut indulgence and is perfect for world chocolate day celebration with delivery in Sydney and Melbourne

Celebrate world chocolate day by getting a donut box delivered to your home or office today!

There are few things in life as delicious as a donut box. And we’ve got the best donut dessert boxes around! If you want to treat yourself and your friends, family or colleagues to some of our delicious treats on World Chocolate Day, then order your very own donut box today!

If you love chocolate and want to celebrate World Chocolate Day by getting a delivery of amazing chocolates, then order your very own donut box today. A delivery of this nature will be sure to bring joy and happiness into those who receive it.

World Chocolate Day can be celebrated with delicious donuts delivered across Sydney and Melbourne

We're excited to celebrate World Chocolate Day with you, and we hope that we've helped you learn more about the history of chocolate. Now that you know what this day is all about, why not take some time out of your busy schedule to treat yourself or someone else by getting a donut box delivered?

Written by Tom Ragen.


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