There's no doubt that everyone loves the convenience of online shopping, and even more so when we can just choose a product and have it delivered on behalf of you. But what makes the best online delivery companies, the best? Let's look at what Dr. Dough has to offer our customers that make it the best gift delivery!

There are plenty of companies to choose from when it comes to online shopping in the world of gift delivery with each company offering options to suit many different needs and occasion. But let's talk about what makes a great gifting company while exploring some points to look out for when making your decision to purchase with them!

The Perfect Choice For The Perfect Gift

When looking for the perfect gift delivery option, the first thing to look for is something that the recipient can enjoy and something that is memorable. You don't want to order something they will open and look at once and shove into the back of a cupboard. That's why donuts are one of the best choices!

When you order donuts from Dr. Dough, you get the choice to choose the kind of donuts the person will enjoy from customised minis donuts to vegan donuts. But Dr. Dough doesn't just stop at donuts! We have cookie and cupcake choices as well as extras to choose from that will make your gift extra special. Candles, tea, alcohol, games and toys can all be added to your Dr. Dough order to make the gift delivery suit any occasion and any budget.

Plus at Dr. Dough you get to choose the packaging design to suit the occasion as well as make use of our free digital gift message that is delivered to the recipient via email or SMS once the delivery has been made!

Donuts can be enjoyed by everyone, and even shared if the lucky recipient wants to! With Dr. Dough's colourful packaging and amazing range of flavours our donuts are memorable and delicious and are perfect for any occasion.

Delivery On The Date That You Want

A lot of gifting companies boast the ability to choose the date of delivery or even get delivery on the same day, but hide the fact that they can't guarantee that with tricking wording and information hidden deep in their terms and conditions. They also use unreliable delivery companies like Australia Post to get your order delivered.

There is a big difference between "Same Day Dispatch" and "Same Day Delivery" that some companies use to make you think you will get the delivery on the day you requested. Plus, they charge an arm and a leg for guaranteed delivery!

At Dr. Dough, we guarantee delivery on the day you choose when you are checking out. That's extends to Same Day Delivery! We don't also charge extra for this. Delivery is the same price regardless if it is same day or for a future date. We also provide tracking information once the order is out on the road where you can see exactly where the driver is, what time they will arrive at your location and you can even chat to them to update them with any information that might make the delivery smoother.

We achieve our delivery service by having our own drivers out on the road, and we will do everything we can to get your order there even if that means jumping in our own cars to help!

When Are They Open?

A lot of gifting companies shut down for extended periods of time, particularly at the end of the year and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, when you're trying to organise a gift for someone and no where is open it makes it incredibly difficult. 

Dr. Dough is open most of the year (except for closing on some of the public holidays to give our hard working team a rest) but we even deliver on Christmas Day! Even if we are closed on the day you want, you can always order your gift for the day after because you know we will deliver on the day you choose during check out.

Delivery Right To Your House Or Office

Don't be fooled by companies offering delivery to every location. Some companies will claim they are able to deliver to you, but then once you get to check out you can't complete the process. Or worse, you can complete check out and then the company will reach out to you stating they can't fulfil your order to that location. Which means you're back to square one!

With Dr. Dough, we know we aren't able to reach every location, but we also do our best to make it to as many locations as possible while maintaining our guaranteed delivery to every customer. We can deliver up to 60km's (suburb dependant) from the Sydney CBD and the Melbourne CBD and are constantly working on ways to expand our delivery range.

Support And Care For Customers

Some companies out there just rely on the hope your delivery will get there and that the order is what you actually ordered. There is no customer support or help anywhere in sight when you have a question or need assistance with your order or delivery. I always steer clear of companies that have comments on their social media that says "I've been trying to get in contact with you!"... That's a red flag that they aren't getting the service that you would expect from a gifting company.

This is where Dr. Dough differs from other gifting companies.

Dr. Dough offers a customer experience team available 7 days a week on every day we are delivering to assist customers with their orders. We want our customers to have the best experience with us, and that starts with being available to help! 

We answer every phone call, respond to every email, chat with every chat request and reply to every comment or message on social media. We build a relationship with our customers to make sure they receive an experience that makes them come back and choose Dr. Dough as their preferred gift delivery company.

We also don't make fun of our customers. Making fun of customers on social media for example is the quickest way to destroy the reputation and dissolve the trust your customers want to build with your brand. We respect each of our customers and listen to them even if they are providing feedback about their order.

The Ability To Customise

We pride ourselves on the ability for customers to customise their orders if there isn't something they can find on our website. Our customers can create messages across our mini donuts like HAPPY BIRTHDAY or I MISS YOU or I QUIT (Don't worry, we've seen all kinds of messages come through with orders) or if they want more options, we've got you!

Our corporate team are on hand 7 days a week and can assist our customers with all kinds of customisation options. We can create bespoke colour palates, flavour profiles, print edible images to place on the donuts and logo stickers to brand your boxes with. And as always, you can choose the packaging design that best suits your occasion and include personalised gift messages on each box.

We even do individually boxed donuts! Just inquire and we can assist with whatever customisation you need.


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