What is FOOMO? You Need to Know!!

You all know what FOMO is but what exactly is FOOMO?

It’s what we at Dr. Dough have in-house penned as 'FEAR OF OFFICE MISSING OUT', and it’s real!!
Our corporate customers have come to rely on us to provide fun and new ways to make their employees want to gather and interact, away from WFH computer screens and in one location. 
Combine the low unemployment rate and the tug of war for skilled and unskilled workers, businesses cannot afford to forget about engaging their employees or not consciously participate in event’s that are relevant and meaningful to them.
Take R U OK? Day as an example. One of the busiest days on the Dr. Dough Calendar. Why? 
1. After the past few years we’ve all been through, R U Ok? Day has become a very significant day to check in on team mates health and well being. 
2. A great reason to support a cause, gather the team into the office and break the WFH routine. 
3. Businesses are increasingly feeling the need to connect through participating in new day's on the calendar as they align with their company values.
In a time where retaining employees is more than a job offer and handing over a lap top, events and connecting are essential in the job offering. More importantly employees want to work for a company that is inclusive and supportive to each and every event.
That’s why at DDD we cover all notable calendar days and occasions and customise donuts and cookies for any events and need. Consider us the ace up your sleeve, we deliver 7 days, including delivery as early as you need it. Plus Same Day Delivery for that last minute breakfast meeting or milestone that you need to make memorable.

Avoid FOOMO!! Get in touch. 


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