To celebrate all things BARBIE and to show our LOVE for the Pink Icon, Dr. Dough have created the We Love Barbie Donuts! Iconic Barbie fits printed onto delicious Dr. Dough donuts ready for delivery across Sydney.

Whether your a fan of Barbie or a fan or Dr. Dough (Or BOTH) these donuts will sure to satisfy the Barbie fan and the donut connoisseur in you. Or send them to a friend who's obsessed with Barbie!

View the We Love Barbie donuts by clicking here.

Barbie Donuts utilise Dr. Dough's Printed Donuts Dough (x) Design - An Australian First

Dr. Dough Donuts are excited to announce our Dough (x) Design Range, an Australian first in food technology and design! Our Dough (x) Design donuts feature amazing designs included Australia's first printed glaze donuts! Check out our whole range of printed donuts to experience this new and innovative level of design!

Dr.Dough (x) Design brings Australian first cutting edge technology to donut and food design. We use the worlds first certified food printer to create the most innovative designs. Now you can have these never before seen designs at home or at your event for the first time. Or get in touch with us if you want to create your own Dr. Dough (x) Design donut patterns!

Barbie Donuts For The Win

Featuring ICONIC Barbie inspired prints from Barbie fashion, these donuts feature the look of some of the most recognisable Barbie fashion! Even Trixie Mattel will be gooped and gagged by these donuts and she's the ultimate Barbie fan!

Let me tell you ALL ABOUT THIS BOX!

This is We Love Barbie Box, Dr. Dough's celebration of all things Barbie available for delivery to homes, workplace's or events for all occasions across Sydney.

What's in the box:

  • 6 or 10 x Delicious Barbie themed donuts
  • Add a free digital gift message sent by SMS or email or add a physical gift card
  • 10 x Donuts come in our awesome Share Happiness packaging
  • Add deluxe extras to make it the perfect gift delivery from our selection of Pink themed balloons

So come on Barbie! Let's eat DONUTS!



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