Sydney and Melbourne, do not let this bleak and miserable weather put a dampener on your weekend. Today is National Sprinkle Day and there’s no better time to decorate your life with this colourful confectionary topping!

Maybe you can make some fairy bread to enjoy with the kids, or sprinkle some on your ice cream tonight, OR you can celebrate such a sweet occasion with a box donuts delivered from Dr. Dough! That’s right, you can still pre-order from our website for delivery across Melbourne and Sydney for Sunday!

Sprinkles at Dr. Dough

Here at Dr. Dough Donuts, sprinkles are a staple! We use these versatile goodies to add colour and texture to a variety of our delicious donuts. If you are chasing a sprinkle fix, check out some of the below options:


The Homer

Image of The Homer donut with pink glaze and colourful Jimmie sprinkles. Available in the Classic Dr. Dough Donuts Range online.
For any Simpsons fans out there, The Homer donut will look very familiar to you. The strawberry glazed goodness, topped with rainbow jimmies will have you drooling like Homer Simpson in no time. The Homer donuts can be found in our Dr. Dough Classics Box.


Fairy Bread

Donut with buttercream glaze topped with 100s and 1000s. Available in our Dr. Dough Classics Range box for delivery across Sydney and Melbourne


For those who are feeling nostalgic, check out our fairy bread donut which is sure to transport you back to your childhood. Buttercream Glaze covered with rainbow 100's & 1000's - what’s not to love. Our Fairy Bread donut can be found in our Dr. Dough Classics Box.

Pastelation Mini Donuts

If colour is what you’re after, these mini donuts are sure to splash colour on any occasion … and did I mention, there’s sprinkles??! Check out our mini donuts here.

Pre-Order Now

No matter the occasion, Dr. Dough Donuts has a sweet gift for you and your loved ones. Pre-order now for delivery tomorrow! And don’t forget, we have Same Day Delivery options available 7 days a week, just place your Same Day order prior to 1pm for delivery that day! Order Same Day Donuts here.


Written by Carly


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