National Eat What You Want Day

And there's nothing better to eat than a box of delicious donuts delivered straight to your door in Sydney and Melbourne!

And why is National Eat What You Want Day important? Well there's a few reasons actually!

  • It gives you the choice and freedom to choose for one day. Don't get wrapped up in counting calories or restricting yourself, just eat what you want for one day. Trust us you'll feel better (especially if it's donuts)
  • Is there one thing you've been dying to try? Like Dr. Dough Donuts? Cheat days may not be a frequent thing for you, so give yourself that extra cheat day to experience something new!
  • Leave your structure and routine behind, just for one day. Many people structure their days around when and what to eat but today is the day where you can say 'Stuff it!' and mix it up

Dr. Dough Donuts for breakfast, lunch, dinner, midnight snack... Whatever!

Have breakfast for dinner! Have lunch as a midnight snack! Eat Dr. Dough Donuts ALL DAY. I mean... no one can stop you and there is absolutely no judgement from me. And donuts fall into the top 10 of foods that people would choose to eat if there was no consequences! I'm here for it.

"Restricting yourself from your favorite foods can be difficult. That is why, on May 11, we celebrate National Eat What You Want Day! On this day, people are encouraged to treat themselves by giving in to their sweet tooth, carb-loading without having a marathon to run, and eating breakfast for dinner. Because on Eat What You Want Day, no one can tell you what NOT to eat." (1.)

Delivering Donuts and Gifts to your door!

Dr. Dough Donuts has a huge range of donuts and gifts available for delivery seven days a week and that's no lie! We even deliver on weekends so you can get fresh donuts delivered for every occasion, celebration or just because you want to. That's why we celebrate National Eat What You Want Day!

Written by Tom Ragen.




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