It's the festive season and Dr. Dough has every thing you need for delicious treats and dessert boxes this year! Be the festive superstar and bring a box of our delicious donuts to your festive gathering, or better yet have them delivered to your friends and family for a delicious festive donut treat! Donuts delivered!

Check out our full range of donuts, cupcakes, cookies and gifts on our website or continue reading to see the most festive donut boxes in Sydney and Melbourne!

Backyard Festive Flavours!

This image features our Backyard Festive Flavours donut box. 10 delicious donuts with flavours reminiscent of classic Australian festive season desserts. Pavlova, truffle, white Christmas, creaming code and peppermint crisp.

The flavours of our festive season range this year are amazing and the Backyard Festive Flavours box is no exception. We have designed this box around classic festive season dessert flavours that will all know and love to have in our festive feast!

Our Backyard Festive Flavours are:

  • 🥤Creaming Soda - Raspberry Soda flavoured with just the right amount of tang
  • 🍫Choc Peppermint Crisp - Rich chocolate glazed with Peppermint Crisp chunks
  • 🎄White Christmas - Chocolate base topped with rice bubbles, cherries, marshmallow and choc flakes
  • 🍌Banana Trifle - Vanilla custard filled, banana glazed and dollops of cream and lemon curd
  • 🍨Passionfruit Pav - Chocolate dipped, topped with meringue and passionfruit compote 

Which flavour do you think is going to be your favourite?! 

Click here to view the BFF box and order yours now!

Festive Cheer Donut Box

This images features 10 festive cheer donuts in a box. Each donut is decorates in green, red and gold glazes and toppings to help spread the festive spirit and cheer.

Festive Season ALREADY?! Yes, its just around the corner, and this year we're here to make gifting easy peasy. 

Donuts are the perfect gift for friends and family and are a great way to thank and recognise staff, colleagues, clients or teachers!!

We deliver to homes, offices and schools across Sydney & Melbourne 7 days.

This box comes with 10 x delicious donuts and your choice of festive packaging design and complimentary digital card with personal message. 

Click here to view our Festive Cheer Donut box and order yours now!


Donuts are delicious and make a great gift for any occasion. If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift idea that will wow anyone, we recommend donuts. Donuts can be the perfect choice no matter who you’re buying for—even if it is just yourself! Here are some reasons why donuts make great gifts:

  • They taste good (and they come in different flavours and sizes)

  • They are available for same day delivery and future date orders from Dr. Dough

  • They're super easy to order online as well! We can deliver them right to your door or office.

But Seriously, Get Your Donut Gift Same Day!

Donuts are the perfect gift. Maybe you're buying a birthday present for your coworker who's obsessed with donuts, or maybe you want to show your Mum that you appreciate how she raised you. Whatever it is, donuts can help! They're delicious and fun to share. Plus, when was the last time someone gave you a donut? Never? Well then get ready for some serious appreciation when they open up this box!

Donuts also make great gifts during the silly season and the holidays—and now thanks to us being so awesome at shipping things on time, they'll arrive in time! So whether it's Christmas Day, Christmas Eve, your end of year party, or to show your appreciation for your friend; we've got ya covered with gift options starting at just $49.95! (That's our Classic Range... and they're AWESOME!)


Donut gifts are fun, unique and delicious. Best of all, they’re a great way to show someone you care—especially if they’re a donut fan! Donuts make a great gift for any occasion: birthdays, anniversaries, holidays or just because. And they can be as simple or extravagant as you like. Add extra deluxe items to your delivery including alcohol, balloons, toys, games, tea, candles and hand creams to make that gift extra extravagant!

While our website offers many types of donut gifts that would fit anyone's tastes and preferences (we have vegan options too!)


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