We are excited to announce our brand new loyalty program DOUGH DOLLAR REWARDS! We love our loyal and repeat customers and we've been listening to your feedback, so here it is! The more you shop, the more points you get, the more rewards you can redeem! Our tier statuses give you even more rewards the more you shop!

It's Official! Dough Dollar Rewards Is Here! You can earn Dough Dollars every time you shop to go towards awesome discounts!

Dough Dollar Rewards takes your experience with us to the next level and gives you amazing rewards and discounts that you can use towards your future purchases with Dr. Dough! Here's how it works, and how you can make the most of your Dough Dollars.

Don't want to read on and want to start earning Dough Dollars now? Well just click here and lets get started. But if you're still not sure, read on to find out about our brand new rewards program.

Dough Dollar Rewards and Loyalty is here for Dr. Dough! Earn Awesome Rewards and Discounts when you shop with Dr. Dough Donuts!

Earn Dough Dollars

When you enrol with Dough Dollar Rewards, you automatically start earning points towards your first reward. For every $1 you spend on purchases at Dr. Dough you get 1 Dough Dollar.

So that means, if you spend $59 on a Classic Dr. Dough Donut Range Box - SAME DAY DELIVERY you get 59 Dough Dollars and you are over half way to your first reward!

Redeem Your Dough Dollars

When you've saved enough Dough Dollars, you can redeem them for reward codes for $5, $10, $20 or $30 off your order! It's the easy! You can redeem them through the online rewards portal or right there in the checkout.

When you level up in our tiers if your a frequent customer, you have the chance to earn even more Dough Dollars! You could earn up to 1.5 x Dough Dollars for every $1 spent when you reach our VIDP Tier (Very Important Donut Person). This means faster rewards for being a loyal customer.

Even More Ways To Earn Dough Dollars

You don't just have to purchase donuts and gifts through us to earn Dough Dollars, there are plenty of ways to earn Dough Dollars!

The BEST way to earn more Dough Dollars is to refer your friends! Every time you refer a friend we'll give them $15 to spend on their first order. Once they place their first order, we'll reward you with 200 Dough Dollars which is the equivalent of a $15 discount on your next order! You can refer are many friends as you like, and you can earn as many referral rewards as you like!

Plus, you can follow these steps to earn more points:

  • We'll give you points for just singing up to Dough Dollar Rewards
  • Follow us on Instagram
  • Like us on Facebook
  • Follow us on TikTok
  • Follow us on Linked In
  • Subscribe to our text messages
  • Level up on our Dough Dollar Reward Tiers

I Have So Many Questions!

And that is perfectly fine! Before you reach out to us, check out our Dough Dollar Rewards FAQ page here and we've probably already answered your question.

Join, Earn, Redeem!

It's that easy! Make sure you use the same email address when you purchase from Dr. Dough and even if you don't have an account, we'll keep track of your points so when you go access your account you won't miss out on the awesome benefits of our Dough Dollar Rewards!



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