A Quiet Place Day One Donut Box Delivering Across Sydney!

A Quiet Place Day One Donut Box Delivering Across Sydney to Celebrate the Movie Release!

Indulge in Silence with Dr. Dough's Exclusive 'A Quiet Place Day One' Themed Donut Box

Dr. Dough is celebrating the theatrical release of A Quiet Place Day One with a themed donut box that’s as thrilling as the movie. Now delivering across Sydney, this exclusive box features six brand-new donut flavours that promise to be as delicious as they are silent... or are they? How quiet can you be while you devour these donuts?

The Ultimate Silent Treat

'A Quiet Place Day One' hits cinemas on June 27th, and there's no better way to celebrate than by indulging in these specially crafted treats. Snap a pic, share your experience, and tag @drdoughdonuts and @paramountpictures on social media!

What's Included in Your 'A Quiet Place Day One' Donut Box:

  • Noisy New York Cheesecake: A classic cheesecake donut with a whisper of indulgence.
  • Brooklyn Hush Banana Split: Banana-flavored delight that’ll leave you speechless.
  • Empire Pretzel Crunch: A sweet and salty combo that’s impossible to resist.
  • Inaudible Bronx Blueberry Tart: A burst of blueberry flavour without a peep.
  • Quiet Powdered Sugar: A classic donut dusted with powdery perfection.
  • Staten Island Silent Strawberry: Fresh strawberry glaze with a hushed sweetness.

Each donut is packaged in EXCLUSIVE 'A Quiet Place Day One' themed packaging, making it a perfect treat for movie lovers and donut enthusiasts alike.

Extras with Every Box

  • Free Digital Gift Message: Send a personalized message via SMS and/or email with your order.
  • Chance to WIN!: Every purchase gives you a chance to win exciting prizes. Stay tuned to our socials and on our website for more details!

Order Now!

Don't miss out on this limited-edition donut box! Order now and have it delivered right to your door up to 60km's from the Sydney CBD. Perfect for a movie night treat or as a gift for fellow fans of 'A Quiet Place.' You could even take them to the movies with you!

Visit our website to place your order today and experience the silent, delicious magic of Dr. Dough's 'A Quiet Place Day One' donut box. Go quietly and order them here!

See A Quiet Place Day One in cinemas June 27th.

For the latest updates and promotions, follow us on Instagram @drdoughdonuts and @paramountpictures. Share your silent indulgence and join the fun!

Stay quiet and eat Dr. Dough donuts!


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