Homer Simpson and his donut addiction has been a staple story line for years in the popular animated series, but what exactly is the donut that Homer eats? Where does he get them from? Are they delivered? Does he eat different types of donuts? Can YOU get these donuts?!

What Donut Does Homer Simpson Eat? This Image features Homer Simpson holding a plate of pink glazed donuts with multicoloured sprinkles. Dr. Dough has these donuts available for delivery in Sydney and Melbourne

Any Simpsons fan, or avid watcher, or even just someone who has seen an episode or two knows and understands Homer Simpsons deep passion and love for donuts. He simply can't live without them and the thought or sight of a donut usually means he ends up drooling about them (Don't worry Homer, I feel the same way.) He simply can't live without them!

The donuts in The Simpsons usually appear as pink frosted and covered in multicoloured sprinkles and these generally are Homer's favourite. Vary rarely you would see Homer or other characters eating any different donuts.

So What Is The Homer Simpson Donut?

A pink glazed donuts (unknown if it's strawberry flavoured glaze or not) with multicoloured Jimmy's on top. Yes, they're called Jimmy's and not sprinkles. Jimmy's are the longer shaped sprinkles and come in all colours.

The Homer donut. A delicious pink glazed donut covered in colourful Jimmy sprinkles. This donut is available through our website and in our Classic box.

We have our own version of the famous Homer Simpson donut in our collection called The Homer! This donut is featured in our Classic Dr. Dough Donut Range box, but for our Simpsons and donut lovers you can order an entire box of The Homer via the Build Your Own Classic Box.

Where Does Homer Get His Donuts From?

Well... unfortunately it isn't Dr. Dough Donuts! The town of Springfield gets there donuts from Lard Lad Donuts signified by a large round character holding an oversized plain donut over his head.

Lard Lad in Springfield USA is the main source of donuts for the character of The Simpsons. An overhead shot of the building and parking lot with a large character standing as a sign in the parking lot holding a large donut proudly over their head.

Note the police car in the parking lot... Standard. But fun fact, donut stores in the US are some of the safest places in the world because of the presence of police officers! Police officers often use donut places to do work and refuel for their work day because donut stores are often open very early to make and prepare the donuts.

Does Lard Lad Donuts Deliver?

The answer to that question is... we don't know.

But Dr. Dough Donuts does! And you can get yourself a box of Homer donuts delivered straight to your door or office right across Sydney and Melbourne! We delivery up to 60km's from each respective CBD and metro tracked delivery is only $5.

We have a wide range of donuts and gifts (not just The Homer donut) available for delivery so head on over to our website to check out our entire range and order yourself some delicious donuts!

Written by Tom Ragen.


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