And let me tell you... the flavours are AMAZING! Reminiscent of old school vibes, our VEGAN donut range features flavours that won't disappoint! Our vegan donut range is available for delivery across Sydney and Melbourne and are perfect for gifts of all occasions!

Want to know what our new vegan flavours are?! Well read on!

Dr. Dough Donuts Vegan Range Box. This picture features a box of our vegan donuts on a green background with vegan in multicoloured lettering across the top of the image. Our vegan donuts are available for delivery in Sydney and Melbourne.

The Vegan Box Is Here And It Tastes As Good As It Looks!

We don't want to keep you waiting any longer so here are the flavours of our brand new vegan donut box:

  • BISCOFF GLAZE - Biscoff melted into a creamy glaze topped with a biscoff cookie
  • CHOCOA MOCHA - Rich dark chocolate glaze with mocha cream swirl and velvety chocolate powder dusting
  • ICED DO-DO - Our version of the classic raspberry Iced Vo-Vo biscuit
  • LEMON CURD CAKE - tangy lemon curd on simple icing 
  • CARAMEL APPLE - Dreamy caramel and apple rolled in crushed bikkie
  • BLUEBERRY CRUNCH - Blueberry flavoured glaze topped with cinnamon toast crunch cereal
  • OREO COOKIES AND CREAM - Oreo cream spread toped with an Oreo cookie
  • THE HOMER - Strawberry glaze with hot pink sprinkles 
  • BIRTHDAY SUIT - Original glaze
  • CUSTARD BOMB - Creamy vanilla vegan custard filled donut 

This photo show our vegan donut range and the flavours that are available. We have Vanilla Glaze, Blueberry Crunch, Choca Mocha, Cookies and Cream, Iced Do-Do (our version of the iced Vo-vo) Caramel Apple, Lemon Curd Cake, Bischoff Glaze, Homer and Custard Bomb!

Vegan Donut Delivered Across Sydney And Melbourne

Just like all of our donut and gift products, our Vegan Donut Range is available for delivery across Sydney and Melbourne up to 60km's from the respective CBD's. When you shop here at Dr. Dough you'll love:

✌️  Donuts Delivered Across Melbourne & Sydney
🚚  Real Time Tracking on all orders with ETA
📦  Delivering up to 60km from Melbourne & Sydney CBD
👌  7 Day Support from our Dr. Dough Team
🎉  Donuts For Every Occasion
💰  Value For Money

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Written by Tom Ragen.


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