These Are The Most Popular Donut Flavours!

The humble donut comes in many sizes and flavours, but what is the most popular flavour? At Dr. Dough, we have a wide range of donuts available for delivery but we want to know which is the most popular in Australia!

National Donut Day is fast approaching and in celebration we want to know which flavours stand the test of time of popularity, and if there are any that surprise us! Let's break it down and get stuck into the top 10 donuts flavours and see if any of the donuts on this list are your favourite!

Donuts from #10 to #1

#10 - Lemon Donut

Starting off with lemon is a great place to start! Our Birthday Cake Collection at Dr. Dough is filled with some delicious flavours, the first of which is our Lemon Meringue... which is absolutely to die for!

#9 - Cinnamon Donut

The humble cinnamon donut brings back nostalgic vibes of tuck shops and school canteens and visits to the mall with Mum and Dad on the weekends. Nothing beats a delicious donut rolled in cinnamon and sugar, even better warmed and with a cuppa!

#8 - Glazed Donut

Nothing beats a classic glazed donut! At Dr. Dough we affectionately call our glazed donut The Birthday Suit! A fluffy large donut covered in delicious vanilla glaze is more than enough to make your mouth water and leave you wanting an entire box of just glazed delights!

#7 - Apple Donut

With National Donut Day just around the corner, we decided to launch some fantastic new flavours and Apple Pie was one of them, to deliver Australia's #8 favourite straight to your door. Our Apple pie donut is filled with delicious apples, covered in Carmel glaze and rolled in biscuit crumb. Did anyone say YUM!?

#6 - Glazed Donut with Sprinkles

"Mmmmm... donuts" as Homer Simpson would say and we have our own take on his donut of choice, The Homer! Glazed in strawberry glaze and topped with bright and colourful Jimmy's (Yes, those long thing sprinkles are actually called Jimmy's!)

#5 - Jam Filled Donut

We're half way! How are you feeling? Hungry for a donut? Well the jam filled may just be what you are looking for! We offer our jam filled in two ways... one of which is VERY Australia! Take a jam filled donut, cover it in chocolate and topped with coconut and what do you get? The LAMINGTON donut! Perfection

#4 - Blueberry

I am sold when it comes to anything blueberry and a blueberry donut is no different. Our National Donut Day box is filled with amazing flavours and blueberry is one of them! Covered in purple blueberry glaze and topped with crunchy cinnamon cereal pieces you simply just can't go past it!

Top 3 Lets Go!

#3 - Boston Creme Donut

A favourite hailing from the Harvard state itself, the Boston Creme donut is filled with custard and smothered in chocolate glaze. Our National Donut Day box features this delicious donut, and we're glad it's made it to number 6 although on some days it could be my number one!

#2 - Chocolate 

Now chocolate can be interpreted in a few ways... but at Dr. Dough we decided to take it to the next level. Our chocolate donut is our Smooth Criminal donut covered in lashes of Nutella and chocolate pieces! It's so good, it's criminal!

#1 - Salted Caramel

And here we are at number one and I'm not surprised it is the Salted Caramel glazed donut because it is absolutely delicious! Anything with salted caramel is just perfection but our Mars A Day and Golden Oldie donuts are covered in lashes of salted caramel with either white chocolate and chocolate ganache or biscuit pieces and caramel ganache. YUM!

Well Are You Hungry For A Donut Now?!

I don't blame you! Get our National Donut Day box delivered to you this week, or choose our Classic Range any time, 7 days a week for a donut fix that will solve any donut craving! Available in Melbourne and Sydney and delivering up to 60km's from the CBD's. Metro tracked delivery is only $5 as well so what are you waiting for?

Written by Tom Ragen.


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