National Donut Day is June 3rd in 2022 and Dr. Dough Donuts are delivering our exclusive National Donut Day box across Sydney and Melbourne!

Our exclusive National Donut Day box is filled with delicious new donut flavours inspired by American classic donut flavours! But more about those donuts in a bit!

What is National Donut Day?

National Donut Day started in 1938 and was initially a fundraiser for Chicago's The Salvation Army to help those in need during the Great Depression. It was also use to honour the women who worked with the Salvation Army during World War I who served donuts to soldiers. The Salvation Army found that enlisted men needed canteen and social centres called huts out in the field that would provide them with writing supplies and stamps, provide services to mend their clothes and sell them baked good including the humble donut! You can read more about the history of the donut here.

National Donut Day at Dr. Dough

If you need another excuse to order yourself (or friends or family) some donuts then here it is! We are delivering our National Donut Day donuts across Sydney and Melbourne and they are available for a limited time only!

We've put together a box of 10 donuts inspired by American Classic flavour's:

  • Boston Creme - Creamy custard filled with a rich chocolate glaze
  • Apple Pie - Apple and cinnamon filling caramel sauce outer and crispy pastry 
  • Strawberry Jelly - Classic strawberry jam filled
  • Banana Split - Banana glaze topped with white chocolate drizzle, cream and cherry 
  • Blueberry Cinnamon Toast - Blueberry glaze topped with Captain Crunch Cinnamon toast cereal
  • Hazelnut Pretzel - Dreamy white hazelnut cream with crunchy pretzels and caramel fudge  

How do I order donuts for delivery?

Head to our website and click on our National Donut Day donuts product, choose your date and window of time for delivery and pop in your details! 

Our National Donut Day donuts are available for delivery between 30th May and 5th of June 2022 only, so get your orders in now so you don't miss out on these absolutely delicious donuts!

Written by Tom Ragen.


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