Forget Donut King... Dr. Dough Has The Donut Queen!

Forget Donut King... Dr. Dough Has The Donut Queen!

Dr. Dough has earnt a reputation for being the best donut and gift delivery company run by two young entrepreneurs!

Kristy and Geoff Bannister created Dr. Dough back in 2015 and since then it has grown to a multimillion dollar company delivery donuts and gifts across Sydney and more recently Melbourne.

Excerpt Image from Daily Mail.

But how does a business become so successful? Kristy says that the one thing is to listen to your customers!

Listening to your customers for every donut delivery

We all know good customer service helps create a business that customers trust and will keep coming back to, but listening to your customers is the key! Providing a product and a service that has been shaped and moulded by our customers means they are getting exactly what they want to order every time. 

'We will be evolving the user experience to continually make it easy and enjoyable from the time someone visits the website to place an order to when it is made, delivered and enjoyed' said Kristy told FEMAIL recently. 'We also have some cool collabs coming up with people and brands that will mean new flavours, donut design and gift boxes.'

Excerpt Image from Daily Mail.

Donuts and gifts delivered across Sydney & Melbourne

Now that customers know that we can provide a service and product they love, we are able to offer them delivery right across Sydney and Melbourne and for an affordable price that is highly competitive. From gift boxes, toys, games, candles to our delicious donuts all available on same day delivery, we know that new and returning customers will love our products and trust that we will get it delivered on they day that they need it.

Same Day Delivery

Gift Boxes

Written by Tom Ragen.



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