As National Donut Day fast approaches on June 3rd 2022 and Dr. Dough prepare for a huge week of deliveries across Sydney and Melbourne in celebration; we can't help but wonder how you spell your favourite sweet ring treat!

Are you #TeamDonut or #TeamDoughnut? 

The humble donut has been around for a long time (since 1485 to be precise!) and we have celebrated National Donut Day on the first Friday of June for the past 76 years! It's hard to resist our favourite fried rings of dough covered in all of your favourite toppings like our Classic Dr. Dough Donut Range box... But technically what IS the correct spelling of these delicious treats?! Controversy over how to spell the humble donut/doughnut has only grown more heated over time.

The Official Spelling Is...?

This is no reality TV finale so I'll get right to the point. The official spelling is actually 'doughnut' and Miriam Webster dictionary confirms this as well as stating 'donut' as the less commonly used spelling so both are technically recognised and registered as acceptable spellings.

But where did 'donut' come from? Well this is an Americanised spelling of the word and it has been around since at least the late 19th century but didn't catch on until the late 20th century when the first doughtnut/donut chain store Dunkin Donut's opened in the United States.

Although the spelling 'donut' can also be traced back to roots in New Zealand as well as the UK!

However You Spell It... Celebrate It!

National Donut Day is always on the first Friday of June and 2022 sees it celebrated on the 3rd. Dr. Dough Donuts (our choice of spelling!) is celebrating all week with our always on range of delicious donuts as well as our special edition National Donut Day box with delicious new flavours:

  • Boston Creme - Creamy custard filled with a rich chocolate glaze
  • Apple Pie - Apple and cinnamon filling caramel sauce outer and crispy pastry 
  • Strawberry Jelly - Classic strawberry jam filled
  • Banana Split - Banana glaze topped with white chocolate drizzle, cream and cherry 
  • Blueberry Cinnamon Toast - Blueberry glaze topped with Captain Crunch Cinnamon toast cereal
  • Hazelnut Pretzel - Dreamy white hazelnut cream with crunchy pretzels and caramel fudge  

Order now for delivery in Sydney and Melbourne to make sure you don't miss out on this special edition box! Delivery is available up to 60km's from the Sydney and Melbourne CBD's and tracked metro delivery is only $5!

Written by Tom Ragen.


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