Morning tea at work is the time you want a delicious treat option to be sitting there waiting for you and your colleagues and Dr. Dough has the best donuts and gifts ready for delivery across Sydney and Melbourne for your morning tea! Make mornings (and afternoons) the best with donuts delivered straight to your work!

There are plenty of options from Dr. Dough to suit your morning tea cravings and we've got donuts and gift for everyone. Take a look below at our entire range suitable for morning teas, office birthday celebrations, delicious donuts to fuel your meeting and brainstorm session and the perfect celebration for the end of that project or even just because it's Friday!


This image features a pink background with pink lettering across the top that says corporate gifs and donuts. There is a box of classic donuts in the image with 10 donuts in the box featuring our most popular flavours from Dr. Dough including Nutella, golden gaytime and lamington.

The Classic Dr. Dough Donut Range Box is perfect as a gift delivery or to share in the office with 10 delicious flavours and a range of deluxe extras you can add! This box start at $49.95 plus delivery.


This image is on a green background with the top left hand corner pink. The image features a box of 10 donuts which is Dr. Dough's vegan range with 10 delicious flavours suitable for everyone including vegans.

The best thing about our Vegan Donuts is that you won't even know they are vegan! Don't let that deter you from ordering and trying this absolutely delicious donut box with 10 flavours that can be enjoyed by everyone. Our Vegan Donut Box starts at $54.95.


This image is on a pink background with a box of Pastelation mini donuts. This box feature 24 mini donuts with multicolour glaze and toppings and has customisable letters across the top which says say it with donuts. These donuts are available for delivery across Sydney and Melbourne.

Our customisable donuts are perfect for sharing, or sending a message that's colourful and fun! Perfect for happy birthdays, or celebrations, or even to customise with corporate slogans! Our mini donut boxes start at $79.95.


Our corporate team at Dr. Dough is here to help you organise orders large and small. We offer services that allow you to order large multi box orders to multiple locations (or just one location for those big events) right through to handling birthday gift deliveries to your entire staff, for the entire year!

Our wide range of donuts and gifts make it easy for you to choose a delivery that suits every occasion and every recipient. Donuts will bring a smile to your clients, employees or colleagues faces and bring the donut party to any event or celebration!

We can even assist with custom orders to help make your event, celebration or birthday even more special with total customisation!

Get in touch with our corporate team for more information or fill in the contact form here and we'll get back to you.


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