Winter 2021 Collection


Birthday Suit

Original Glazed Donut

Golden Gaytime

The classic; Salted Caramel topping, covered with cookie crumble and milk chocolate ganache

Fairy Bread

Buttercream Glaze covered with 100's & 1000's

90's Kid

Rainbow Nerds over pink glaze

Cookie Monster

Oreo cookie crumb glaze topped with an Oreo cookie 

A Mars A Day

Salted Caramel topping, covered with white chocolate pieces and milk chocolate ganache drizzle

Smooth Criminal

Hazelnut spread covered donut, topped with chocolate chunks and milk chocolate ganache drizzled on top

The Homer

Strawberry glaze, topped with rainbow sprinkles. The next best thing to Lardo Lad Donuts!!




Classic strawberry jam filled, topped with hazelnut spread and shredded coconut

The Jam Bomb Dot Com

Classic strawberry jam filled, rolled in sugar